Oral Presentation Guidelines
Release time: 2023-11-18

Oral presentation: 

·   Regular Paper: 12 minutes speech (maximum) + 3 minutes Q&A

·   Short Paper: 8 minutes speech (maximum) + 2 minutes Q&A

Presentation materials:

On-site Presenter: PPT/PDF slides (16:9 size)

Video Presenter (Only for authors who are unable to come to the conference due to visa reasons): Pre-recorded video presentation (16:9 size, MP4 format)

To confirm the deadline for sending all the presentation materials to conference email address xi.zhang@siat.ac.cn is November 30, 2023. You also can provide a download link for us to get those materials.

HDIS 2023 will be held in-person. Please kindly follow the presentation instructions below.

For in-person format: All technical session rooms are equipped with a video projector and a computer running Microsoft Windows with Microsoft PowerPoint and Adobe Acrobat Reader. 



1. We highly recommend that you prepare a set of slides that clearly illustrate the main points of your paper.

2. Practice going through your talk to confirm that the timings are accurate, and that the number of slides correlates with your allotment of time.

3. To record your presentation, you are welcome to use any platform you feel comfortable with (as long as the final file is in mp4 format).

4. The official language of the conference is English. Both the presentation materials and the report should be in English.

5. Please reference to Best Practices and Tips for Recording Video.


In order to allow to smoothly manage the full event we please you to strictly adhere to the deadlines and attend your reserved slot during the conference according to the schedule. You are cordially invited to access the HDIS2023 web site to find the conference program with the schedule and information for your presentation.

Best Practices and Tips for Recording a Video.docx